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I am a senior investment executive with experience across industries (advanced manufacturing, financial services, energy, ICT, e-health, life sciences, security, and retail), geographies (USA, Europe, China, Middle East and Africa), as well as asset classes (venture capital, private equity, Islamic finance). I have engaged in a full array of financial and operating special projects for sovereign-related entities, family businesses, family offices, investment companies, corporates, and startups. I have participated in more than $30 billion in transactions and co-managed assets of nearly $10 billion (usd). I speak frequently to governments, universities, and corporates on issues related to innovation, corporate governance, asset management, and evidence-based investing. Additionally, I provide commentary on live television and international media, including CNN International, Euromoney, and Fox Business News, as well as speak at global conferences, including the UAE’s Annual Investment Meeting (AIM), Milken Conference, Institutional Investor, Business Week CEO Forum, GAIM and dozens of startup pitch events around the globe. My unique, global experiences, love for teaching and learning, as well my established network of relationships, fuel my interests in entrepreneurship, prudent-decision making, and innovation. If you are living a purpose-driven life, let's connect!

RESEARCH Mutombo Coffee Research: Coffee Drinkers Take 1,000 More Steps A Day

Mutombo Coffee Research: Coffee Drinkers Take 1,000 More Steps A Day
Study presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2021 in November finds that coffee drinkers take 1,000 more steps each day than non-coffee drinkers.They found that drinking coffee was “consistently associated with more physical activity”. Participants were measured taking more than 1,000 additional steps on the days they consumed than the days they refrained. Each cup of coffee consumed was associated with an extra 600 steps that day.

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Mutombo Coffee: Rise in Uganda coffee exports earns $657m

Uganda, a source of Mutombo Coffee earns exports of $657m
Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) data shows that the country exported 6.55 million bags of coffee worth $657.23 million in the year to October 2021, compared with 5.41 million in the same period last year, earning $513.79 million.
Authorities in Uganda have already set an ambitious target of exporting at least 20 million bags of coffee annually by 2030, which will make the country the biggest exporter of the crop in the region.

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Mutombo Coffee Research : Higher coffee prevents Alzheimer’s disease

Mutombo Coffee Research: Study says higher Coffee intake prevents development of Alzheimer’s disease
Lead investigator Dr Samantha Gardener said that the results showed an association between higher coffee consumption and several important markers related to Alzheimer’s disease.

Drinking more coffee gave positive results in relation to certain domains of cognitive function, specifically executive function which includes planning, self-control and attention.

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Ethiopia, a source for Mutombo Coffee, are Expecting Another Record Year for Exports
Ethiopia exported 86,000 tons of coffee during the three months through October, generating $327.9 million, 77% more than projected, according to the Ethiopia Tea and Coffee Authority.

The nation exported 250,000 tons during the marketing year that ended July 31, earning a record $910 million, according to authority figures. Ethiopian coffee exports are forecast to reach 280,000 tons in the current fiscal year and generate $1.1 billion.

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On this day, 22 years ago the Hawks team was led by Dikembe Mutombo Founder Mutombo Coffee!

On this day, 22 years ago the Hawks team was Led
by, Dikembe Mutombo, Founder of Mutombo Coffee
It was 1999, the Hawks were at the beginning of a rebuild on the precipice of a new millennium. Dikembe Mutombo and Isaiah Rider led the team that night as well as the season. Rookie point guard Jason Terry logged 23 minutes against the Nuggets and scored a respectable 12 points on 6-10 shooting. Unfortunately, nothing could prepare ‘The Jet’ for the avalanche he was facing in Denver

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