Mutombo Coffee Research: Drinking coffee boosts physical activity levels

Mutombo Coffee Research: Drinking coffee boosts physical activity levels
Academics from the University of California found that people who frequently drink the heavily caffeinated beverage complete 1,000 more steps per day compared to non-coffee drinkers. Dr.Gregory Marcus and his team of researchers examined 100 participants for two weeks to assess their average coffee consumption, sleeping patterns and overall health.

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Mutombo Coffee : Coffee and Tea to Reduce Risk of Stroke and Dementia

Mutombo Coffee Research: Study finds that Coffee and Tea May Reduce Risk of Stroke and Dementia
A new study, published in the journal PLOS Medicine, found that individuals who drank four to six cups of coffee a day, along with drinking tea, had a lower incidence of stroke and dementia.
The benefits were seen in individuals who drank coffee alone, or along with tea. Compared to those who did not drink tea or coffee, the risk of dementia and stroke was reduced by 28%.

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Mutombo Coffee: Rise in Uganda coffee exports earns $657m

Uganda, a source of Mutombo Coffee earns exports of $657m
Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) data shows that the country exported 6.55 million bags of coffee worth $657.23 million in the year to October 2021, compared with 5.41 million in the same period last year, earning $513.79 million.
Authorities in Uganda have already set an ambitious target of exporting at least 20 million bags of coffee annually by 2030, which will make the country the biggest exporter of the crop in the region.

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Mutombo Coffee: World coffee output falls as demand increases

Mutombo Coffee: World coffee output falls by 14m bags as demand increases
Farmers are likely to earn impressive returns despite the world coffee production shortfall of 14 million bags as demand in the global market is on the rise, a marketer said yesterday.

According to Kamau Kuria, the managing director of Coffee Management Service (CMS), the demand for the produce now stands at 172 million bags against a production of 158 million bags.

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Mutombo Coffee Research : Higher coffee prevents Alzheimer’s disease

Mutombo Coffee Research: Study says higher Coffee intake prevents development of Alzheimer’s disease
Lead investigator Dr Samantha Gardener said that the results showed an association between higher coffee consumption and several important markers related to Alzheimer’s disease.

Drinking more coffee gave positive results in relation to certain domains of cognitive function, specifically executive function which includes planning, self-control and attention.

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