Community Partners

Community Partners

We create community by celebrating individuality and sharing our passion for the best African Coffee in the world! 

Our community partners are like family. It’s not just about coffee, it’s about people like us who believe every cup begins with a commitment to sustainability, fair trade and responsible sourcing.

To support our goal of bringing better traceability and transparency to the African coffee supply chain, we’ve partnered with logistics companies, suppliers, corporates, non-profits, coffee roasters, and café owners  – all who share our values of sustainability, responsible sourcing, and fair-trade.

The Mutombo Coffee community adheres to a set of guiding principles to ensure a healthy planet.

  • We responsibly source and deliver coffee from undervalued communities to regions that appreciate the value we create. 
  • We are guided by a clear sense of purpose: to create fair and sustainable value for our people, our partners, our community, and the environment.  
  • We serve our purpose by seeking a competitive edge in the way we embrace the challenges of creating efficient and effective supply and value chains for African coffee.

You can rest assured, we are dedicated to the future of the African coffee industry, farming communities, and our upstream supply chain partners.

From the coffee we purchase to the partnerships we cultivate, Mutombo Coffee guarantees that responsible sourcing is at the heart of every decision we make.

Steps We’ve 
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In March 2021, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance, an organization dedicated to improving the lives and communities of coffee farms led by women in coffee growing regions around the globe. The IWCA helps us to identify export-ready farmers who can reliably and consistently deliver high-quality specialty Arabica beans to the international buying market.

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In February 2021, we co-hosted “The Real Price of Coffee in Your Cup” – A virtual media event with coffee industry experts including IBM’s Farmer Connect and researchers from Emory University to discuss the dynamic intricacies of the African coffee industry, from “crop to cup”, as well as the challenges and opportunities for many African coffee farmers, importers and distributors, and retailers.

Our Mutombo Coffee Community Partners are cafes, food service companies, retailers, corporates, public agencies, and media outlets who recognize that through partnership, we can create transformational impact from crop to cup.