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Contact Us! We turn green coffee beans into a livable wage for our farming partners!

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Cajary Majlis DMCC is proud to be the distributor of Mutombo Coffee. In 2020, we were inspired to launch our specialty coffee  line with beans expressly sourced from East Africa, including the DRC for two reasons: To introduce you to our delicious coffee while supporting farming communities where a majority of the workers are women who serve as the glue in their families and communities, and to help our local partners bring you coffee sourced from farms and cooperatives using sustainable and fair-trade practices. 

We trade in all major Arabica and Robusta coffee qualities.  Our aim is to serve a diverse range of customers from our farming partners, specialty roasters, all the way to local coffee shops. We only source coffee from a network of farmers we know and trust, and adhere to sustainable farming practices. By providing quality control, efficient logistics, risk management and contractual accountability, we expect to add value and stability to our supply chain.

We’ve  also partnered with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance and other agencies who have been working with coffee cooperatives in the Eastern and Southern regions of Africa to improve the lives of coffee producers by providing trade and training opportunities to ensure they receive sustainable and fair wages.  With the support of the coffee farming community, we are expanding our efforts to revitalize Africa’s coffee industry.

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We strive to stay in communication with our customers, partners and stakeholders. Do you have a question about your coffee, our mission, or want to join our partner network?  Send us an email or give us a call. We’re always happy to hear from our customers and build new coffee relationships!


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