Mutombo Coffee Research: Study finds that Coffee and Tea May Reduce Risk of Stroke and Dementia

 A new study, published in the journal PLOS Medicine, found that individuals who drank four to six cups of coffee a day, along with drinking tea, had a lower incidence of stroke and dementia.

This prospective cohort study included 365,682 participants (50 to 74 years old) from the UK Biobank. Participants joined the study from 2006 to 2010 and were followed up until 2020. The combination of coffee and tea consumption was associated with lower risk of ischemic stroke and vascular dementia. Additionally, the combination of tea and coffee was associated with a lower risk of poststroke dementia, with the lowest risk of incident poststroke dementia at a daily consumption level of 3 to 6 cups of coffee and tea.

The study found that drinking coffee and tea separately or in combination were associated with lower risk of stroke and dementia. Intake of coffee alone or in combination with tea was associated with lower risk of poststroke dementia.

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