Northwest Coffee

Northwest Coffee
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Northwest Coffee Roasting Company – St. Louis, MO

Our café partner, Northwest Coffee Roasting Co. proudly serves Mutombo Coffee at its Central West End neighborhood location.

Northwest Coffee has brought a vibrant community space to light since 2012, but what Northwest and owner Jason Wilson stand for – sustainability, fair-trade and transparency in the African coffee supply chain – make them a perfect Mutombo Coffee partner.

The popular café is known for its high-quality coffee, excellent customer service and a welcome and diverse, COVID-19-friendly environment.

On any given morning, the spacious lot is buzzing with customers enjoying breakfast, chatting with friends, studying, or dropping in for a delicious cup of joe.

If you’re in the St. Louis, Mo., area, drop in and order a cup of our Deke’s House Blend.

Northwest Coffee Roasting


Northwest Coffee is located in the Central West End.  Visit our bustling cafe and roasting facility with great outdoor seating.  We sell drinks, pastries, and wholesale coffee at all our stores, and offer a limited breakfast and lunch menu.