Steeped Bags / Inner Filter (Compostable and non-GMO): Mutombo Coffee strives to use materials that are all sustainable and plant-based. The Full Immersion Filters are a unique construction made using food-grade renewable plant-based materials. The feedstock for this material is also non-GMO. The material is a custom hybrid filter made to work specifically for the Steeped Method. These filters allow for optimal water flow in, with maximum flavor out. Steeped Bags that are made using a renewable, plant-based, non-GMO, certified commercially compostable material, which includes the filter, string, and tab.

Steeped Packs / Outer Film (Fully Compostable and Made Using Renewable Materials): Steeped Packs are made using our innovative film that are Fully Compostable and made using renewable materials. Each pack is printed with no toxic VOCs.