2 thoughts on “NBA Legend Dikembe Mutombo Discusses New Company Mutombo Coffee

  1. Avatar Lemmy Byarugaba says:

    I come from Uganda and I also grow coffee,This is very inspiring and remarkable African coffee story.
    Coffee plays a very important economic role in our lives as coffee growers.

  2. Avatar Isaac says:

    I’m a farmers coffee producer from Eastern Congo where the best coffee come from and would like to partner with you to improve the livelihood of smallholders farmers.
    We worked in cooperative named AMANI Cooperative which stands for Coffee for peace, just to unite all community and stop violence that has going for decades in Eastern DRC. More than 50000 households in South and North-Kivu, with more than half are women. Our coffee is organic certified, fullwash to stand for Sustainability.
    In case you are willing to support, partnership or more information about us, kindly contact isaacbalume@gmail.com
    We appreciate your support to develop AFRICA through a cap of coffee.

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