Africa Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Africa Virtual Tour

Here’s your chance to take an Africa Virtual Tour! Explore the wonder and splendor of our coffee producing countries. Each country is majestic in its own right and worth getting to know.

Yes, we sell the best African coffee, but as a coffee enthusiast, how much do you actually know about Africa’s coffee belt region or where your coffee beans are grown? Importantly, did you know that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee? What about the DRC – where they grow some of the best Arabica beans in rich volcanic soil, thousands of feet above sea level?

Although Kenya is one of the world’s leading safari (Swahili for journey) destinations and where you’ll find Africa’s second highest mountain, did you know it’s home to one of the world’s most visible natural cycles; the Great Wildebeest Migration? Or that world record-breaking athletes, rich biodiversity and financial services, are a part of its heritage?

And let’s talk about the little country of Burundi. It’s home to Lake Tanganyika which hosts a variety of fish that don’t exist elsewhere.  Fish such as Sangala (known as captain), Mukeke and Ndagala are not available in any other place in the world except in Burundi.

And not to forget beautiful Uganda! Former Prime Minister to the UK, Winston Churchill once dubbed Uganda the ‘pearl of Africa’. Why? Because of its fascinating culture, exotic wildlife, breathtaking scenery, and natural wonders.

Ahh…. you didn’t know, did you? Well neither did our team and that’s why we’re thrilled to share our African Virtual Tour with you.  Even more so because the Arabica beans in the Mutombo Coffee blends you’ve come to love all originate from six African coffee producers in East Africa: Burundi, DRC, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. 

So, brew yourself a cup of Mutombo Coffee and let us introduce you to the best these countries have to offer. You don’t have to go any farther than a few mouse clicks to enjoy the jaw dropping splendor and majestic wonder of each country – each one unique in their own way and worth celebrating for its culture, natural beauty, elegance and of course, coffee.

Click on each country’s profile to learn more. And if you get the chance, book a trip and visit. You can thank us later!