Wholesale New Clients

Wholesale New Clients

Mutombo Coffee Wholesale Client  Program

Are you a corporate that wants to offer Mutombo Coffee to your network? Then become a Mutombo Coffee Wholesale Client!

Our Wholesale Program was created to allow corporate clients like you, the opportunity to align your values of sustainability, accountability, and fair trade to ours.  As part of our mission, we are reinvesting in our supply chain to try to address the significant disparities in payment to local African farmers, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the amount that the coffee industry generates to other participants in the value chain. We’re also diligently working with export-ready farming cooperatives, many led by women,  so that they can take more responsibility for increasing their value and thus their ability to command a higher percentage of revenue generated from the global coffee industry. 

Based on our Wholesale Program, our you may offer Mutombo Coffee to your network in five primary ways: 

1.Serve freshly roasted beans in the office canteen / cafeteria

2.Serve at events and conferences

3.Sell in the gift shop

4.Offer freshly roasted coffee as a client corporate gift bearing your brand logo

5.Sell or sponsor coffee to support fundraising and CSR efforts

Because there are many ways for Mutombo Coffee to partner with a wholesale client, there are also multiple decision makers that are part of the decision – from food and beverage and corporate gift procurement, philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, and retail.  Each entity may have different quantity and quality requirements.  Therefore, to meet different quantity and quality requirements, we offer diverse products, including:

  • Freshly roasted Coffee in Bags – in many sizes 12 oz, 16 oz, 5lb. Bags (with grind options)
  • Capsules – K Cup and Nespresso compatible
  • Pods (pillows)
  • Steeping bags (coffee in tea bags)
  • Flavored coffee blends
  • Single-origin specialty coffees
  • Commercial-grade coffees

We are proud to have developed an extensive roasting network model that partners with local roasters – and large industrial roasters – to meet all wholesale quantity requirements. We are entrepreneurial and are willing to customize an offer that makes sense to our coffee partners.

We know your time is valuable, so to help connect you with the right sales person, please provide us with some basic information. Once we receive your intake form, our team will contact you for an initial consultation – generally within 1-2 business days.

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