Our Coffee Story

Our Coffee Story
The Mutombo Coffee

My  Brand

Mutombo Coffee pays homage to my days as an All-Star player with the Denver Nuggets.  After living in the Mile-High City and playing the first five seasons of my career there, Denver holds a special place in my heart. It is where a significant amount of my basketball legacy was created and where I perfected my signature finger wag. 

#55 is the number of my jersey that I wore throughout my career.  It now hangs in retirement at the Pepsi Center in Denver and in Atlanta’s State Farm Arena. 

The road to bring you our specialty coffee is truly a labor of love for me and my Mutombo Coffee™ family.  And, we wholeheartedly invite you to partake in a uniquely delicious cup and share our coffee journey with us. 

With coffee love,


The Mutombo Coffee™ Story​

I believe we are all born with a purpose and a passion that influence everything we do. Passion and purpose are what drove me to become an NBA player and Hall of Famer. Even today, passion and purpose are what drive me as a businessman, philanthropist, and global humanitarian to continue to work tirelessly for the people of my native country – The Democratic Republic of Congo. And, while doing so, I’ve recently discovered a new passion – coffee.  But, not just any coffee — African grown coffee

My  Coffee

Mutombo Coffee™ is a wholesaler and retailer of coffee, tea, cocoa, and flavored coffee. We offer subscription-based order fulfilment services in the field of coffee, tea, cocoa, and flavored coffee.

We were inspired to launch Mutombo Coffee™ with beans sourced from Africa for two reasons. Firstly, we get to introduce you to our delicious African coffee while supporting farms where a majority are led by women. These women are the glue in the families and readily invest back into their communities. Secondly, we help our local partners bring you coffee sourced from farms and cooperatives using sustainable and fair-trade practices.

We proudly invest in projects that improve the economic sustainability of the African coffee farming communities where we source our beans.

My Mutombo #55 Champion’s Edition  Barrel Aged Coffee

The decorative canister offers another important distinction that reflects both my personality and commitment to quality in a way that is as unique as the coffee itself. The ornamental hang tag and custom packaging remind us of why we have chosen to share this limited-quantity coffee we believe you will thoroughly enjoy.

And, if you love flavored coffee as I do, we hope you will enjoy the assortment of my favorite coffees that represent my personal taste.

My Mutombo #55 Champion’s Edition Barrel Aged Coffee is alcohol-free and yields a unique and sophisticated palate experience that we were unable to find anywhere else.

Our Arabica coffee beans are grown on volcanic soil at an altitude of over 5,000 feet, between Lake Kivu and the Mitumba mountain range, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The oak barrel aging transforms the distinctly Congolese mix of orange flavor and dark chocolate aroma into a delicious coffee with an enduring American bourbon finish. Medium roast makes it suitable for craft coffee and whiskey lovers, alike.


Champion's Edition Barrel Aged Coffee

Canister Size: 12 oz. (340 grams) Product Roast: Medium Product Acidity: Balanced Product Body: Medium Product Grind: WHOLE BEAN ONLY
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